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Used for a range of functional needs, Ommokoll’s line of epoxy grout has been conceptualized, designed, detailed, and developed on basis of in-depth knowledge of its usage, application process, and impact on overall design and aesthetic. This hands-on process has allowed us to create a product that helps solve majority of your problems, especially at the stage of application.

Built with unique properties for a variety of applications, our grout solutions help make your tiles stronger, more durable and flexible, perform better, and easy to maintain in the long run in residential, commercial, or industrial environments, as per the need.



The leveling layer just before you lay the final flooring in any space is called Screed. Done with the intention of creating a smooth surface, we are proud to present to you a unique cement-less combination of screed that eliminates curing time, the demand for huge quantities of water, and the dependency on the rapidly depleting river sand as a core component of the mix.Developed with the abundantly available crushed sand instead, this eco-friendly product line guarantees to get the job done in lesser time and budgets.


One of the most critical processes of construction, the correct method of waterproofing goes a long way in ensuring the comfort, safety, and durability of the structure. At Ommokoll, we have poured years of experience, technical knowhow, and practical usage, into developing a line of products that helps do all of the above efficiently and effortlessly.

Choose from our waterproofing product offerings below:

Tile And Stone Adhesives

Typically designed for heavy-duty, long-term application, the Ommokoll tile and stone range of adhesives are applied to secure a range of tiles from ceramic, to vitrified, natural stone like marble, artificial stone like engineered marble, glazed, porcelain, concrete blocks, fly ash bricks, and more.

In compliance with standard norms laid out, the correct adhesive, installation method, and type of tile, can yield irreversible results. Suitable for green buildings, and built in easy-to-use units, save time and money in the long run with Ommokoll tile and stone adhesive solutions.